An all-female business

respect and love for the land

Laura, Margherita and Camilla: the present and the future of La Ripolina.
Even though agriculture is generally considered a men's job, women are the bedrock of La Ripolina.
The "females" of the family lead it with tenacity and stubbornness, temper and sweetness in the indissoluble union that binds this land to hospitality.

The History of La Ripolina

since 1966

The lands on which the Ripolina extends today were part until the 60s of a large estate, La Piana, belonging to the noble Roman family Ceriana Maineri Lante della Rovere.

The brothers Enzo and Italo Cresti bought in 1966 “a piece” of that land of Piana which today has become La Ripolina. At first, in addition to the cultivation of cereals, there was also the practice of breeding pigs, but then abandoned.

Subsequently, several hectares of vineyards were planted, mostly white: pinot, trebbiano and malvasia, grapes that produced a particularly appreciated wine. It is said that in the past centuries the lands around the Pieve di Piana had supplied moscatello wine to the bishop’s table in Siena. Two artificial lakes were built for the irrigation of the crops which, like the corn, required a lot of water that in summer was lacking in these clayey soils.

At the untimely demise of Italo, Enzo found himself alone in managing the company, a dream of both brothers. With the passing of the years and the majority of the three sons of Italo, the hereditary division attributed this company to Enzo who carried on La Ripolina assisted by his wife Nella and his daughter Laura. In 1992 another era began, that of the holiday farm that allowed to recover a little at a time the whole real estate that, with the years and the abandonment, was going to ruin. Since 2012 La Ripolina has become an organic producer of essentially cereals, with few hectares of vineyard cultivated with merlot and sangiovese grapes. The holiday farm has been affirming over the years, welcoming thousands of guests from all over the world. The management of the company is now entrusted to Laura and her daughters, Margherita and Camilla, continuing with dedication and an innovative spirit the work of Enzo and Nella.